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At EDOTCO, we serve to meet that growing, modern-day demand for connectivity infrastructure and expertise. With a comprehensive selection of custom engineered towers featuring durable aesthetic designs, we offer you complete and highly optimised solutions.

We are constantly striving to fuel communication innovation with unrivalled connectivity, flexibility and environmentally conscious solutions for next-gen connectivity.

Committed to innovating ways that make a positive, sustainable impact on our communities, at EDOTCO we are renowned for providing expert engineering and flexible designs which serve as the backbone for modern wireless communication.
Wide Coverage
EDOTCO's tower sharing concept suits the growing needs of our customers by providing quick market coverage with optimal network facilities.
Comprehensive Solutions
A diverse array of towers, with locations and heights to fit all coverage needs.
Integrated digital technology solutions optimised for ease of installation and minimum interference with existing mounts and lines.
Geographically Sound
EDOTCO towers are strategically located in high density geographies with capacity for co-location with minimal incremental capex.
Complete & Highly Optimised Solutions
Providing connectivity solutions that include traditional structures and custom made towers to meet customer's requirements.
Tower Flexibility
Our towers are designed and custom engineered to blend seamlessly with the landscape and surrounding environment.
In-Building Solutions (IBS)
Base Transceiver Station (BTS) Hotel
Ground Based Towers (Just Nice Tower)
Monopoles (5G Smart Pole)
Bamboo Tower
EDOTCO Mobility Solution (eMOS)

Ground Based Towers (Just Nice Tower)

Optimized tower design solution that meets the international design standard requirements. Lattice configuration of conventional ground based towers that are suitable for higher capacity and macro coverage requirements.

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