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About EDOTCO Cambodia

With a portfolio of over 7,000 towers and managed sites, we have developed our built-to-suit and co-location offerings to enable telecommunications providers to efficiently meet their growing infrastructure requirements.

Our Offerings

Our complementary offerings are designed to meet the changing needs of our customers and promote increased sharing of infrastructure assets.
Special Structures
EDOTCO's special structures feature innovative solutions such as monopole, aesthetic monopoles, lamp pole and rapid assembly pole, with the goals of reducing visual impact to the environment and at the same time offering coverage support in urban areas.
In-Building Solutions (IBS)
An end-to-end solution with a special focus on system design to enhance coverage within a building. Built on a foundation of quality and reliability, EDOTCO customised In-Building Solutions offer customers a high level of network performance with low total cost of ownership.
Base Tranceiver Stations (BTS) Hotel
The High Speed Mobility Solution aggregates fixed and wireless traffic…
Green Energy
Giving our customers the flexibility to choose and to deploy and manage various components within the energy ecosystem that address their business needs, allowing customers to complement their existing assets while enjoying the benefits of end to end energy management solutions.
Passive Operations and Maintenance
Through the use of next generation technology like drones and tapping into modern automation tools we have been able to achieve more proactive tower maintenance. By using predictive analytics, we can serve our customers more effectively by identifying and rectifying potential malfunctions before they occur, ensuring compliance in design, reducing manual errors and improving field staff efficiency.

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