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Driving Excellence through Good Governance

EDOTCO Group recognizes the importance of maintaining strong governance in business practices to increase opportunities for long-term sustainability. The Board is committed to cultivating a responsible organization with the highest ethical standards and corporate governance standards at all times. We advance today's communications for tomorrow by upholding our core values of Uncompromising Integrity and Exceptional Performance (UI.EP).

Joint message from

EDOTCO Chairman and Group CEO

Compliance and integrity are two key values that we need to uphold in this constantly evolving and competitive landscape. With changing regulations, customer expectations and new technologies, it is imperative that we familiarize ourselves with the organization's Code of Conduct and operate with the highest level of professionalism.

With this in mind, we have taken steps to ensure we strengthen and standardize our compliance framework across EDOTCO Group's footprint with the expectation that our employees will always uphold the highest integrity.

We have and will continue to put in place rigorous policies and procedures to further enhance our governance that will guide you through giks, donations, and sponsorship spends, limits of authority, data privacy management, cyber security practices and many more. I urge you to familiarize yourself with these policies which will continuously undergo assessments, reviews and updates to ensure that we are abreast with the rules and regulations while ensuring operational efficiencies.

Compliance and integrity are not just standards on operating a business, but a culture that defines appropriate conduct when dealing with our stakeholders. It is a way of working which is practiced across the whole organization. Ethical conduct is a responsibility of every employee, and we would like to remind you that as representative of our brand you must fully understand, familiarize and commit yourselves to practicing these values and also ensuring the same is carried out in your teams.

Together, we will build a strong ethos of professionalism, integrity, and ethics, as we head towards our ambition of being a 'Global Top 5 Towerco'.

Dato Dr.Nik Ramlah Nik Mahmood

Chairman, Board of Directors

Adlan Tajudin

Chief Executive Officer

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Uncompromising integrity is one of the core values embraced by EDOTCO Group, a subsidiary of Axiata Group Berhad. We are commited to upholding the highest standard of lawful and ethical conduct, by demonstrating honesty, fairness, transparency and accountability in all our conduct and dealings
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