Business and technical operations of managing site differs significantly from a telecom network operations. At edotco, we ensure strong emphasis on efficient energy management, security and environmental control are in place to meet the quality of service demanded by network operators through our remote monitoring system, echo.

Our tower sites are equipped with remote monitoring sensors (RMS) which enables us to pro-actively monitor and gather data on the performance of all passive infrastructure elements at site and transmit the information in real-time to our echo center in Kuala Lumpur. This is key to facilitate the management of energy systems and field force scheduling to improve overall quality of service, overhead OPEX reduction and provide a sense of security of assets at site through real-time monitoring; and trending and data analysis.

With echo, network operators can expect a measurable business and operational benefits through a diverse set of parameters such as real-time remote monitoring control, remote data collection, detailed analytics and reports on energy consumption, power system and environmental system performances, communication with passive infrastructure elements via SMS/email and enhances inventory and operational efficiency.

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