edotco Bangladesh Deploys Innovative Rooftop Carbon Fibre Tower 
Dhaka, 24 September 2016

edotco Bangladesh Co. Ltd. (“edotco”) today successfully installed the first rooftop-based carbon fibre tower in Bangladesh, marking another milestone in the company’s pursuit of establishing innovative telecoms infrastructure. The tower is located in Technical Mor, in the nation’s capital.

This landmark deployment was made possible by the continuous research and development of edotco, in exploring the usage of innovative materials in structures for higher efficiency and sustainability.

edotco Bangladesh Managing Director, Darryll Sinnappa said, “Innovation and the pioneering spirit to experiment and deploy new solutions is in the DNA of edotco. We aspire to be at the frontier of innovation, introducing pioneering solutions to help accelerate development. This installation of rooftop carbon fibre towers will pave the way for future deployments to enhance connectivity and contribute towards the vision of Digital Bangladesh 2021.”

Carbon fibre structures hold the key to seamless connectivity in crowded spaces, and densely built cities, where buildings have low weight bearing. The inherent properties of carbon fibre make it an ideal solution for rooftop-based installations as it results in a structure 70% lighter than conventional steel but with up to ten (10) times the tensile strength.

Its light weight also translates to ease of transporting the structures to the rooftop, on one’s shoulders. This in turn contributes to faster installation time; almost half as compared to steel. Lighter structures would also require smaller foundations, adding to the compounded savings in lading, which helps mitigate the load-bearing factor of rooftops that cannot bear heavy structures.

Carbon fibre towers have high rigidity to better withstand harsher climate conditions such as strong wind forces. This attribute is particularly significant in Bangladesh which faces tropical cyclones due to its unique geographic location.

In addition to that, carbon fibre is also highly corrosion resistant. This characteristic, along with its other properties, contribute to a longer perpetuating lifespan in which maintenance costs are also greatly reduced over time.

All these characteristics cumulatively result in lower total cost of ownership (TCO) of around 20%. edotco aims to reduce TCO by up to 40% as they garner more experience in the deployment of carbon fibre structures and reduce customisation requirements.

In totality, carbon fibre structures are a greener solution due to the reduced usage of steel and carbon emissions in its manufacturing, with close to 40% reductions on like-to-like structure basis.

edotco Bangladesh is a subsidiary of edotco Group, the first regional and integrated telecommunications infrastructure services company in Asia. As at 30 June 2016, edotco’s total tower count is close to 16,800, with a co-location ratio of 1.5 across its markets of operation in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

About edotco

Established in 2012, edotco is the first regional and integrated telecommunications infrastructure services company in Asia, providing end-to-end solutions in the tower services sector from tower leasing, co-locations, build-to-suit, energy, transmission and operations and maintenance (O&M).

With a regional portfolio that includes over 16,000 towers across edotco’s core markets of Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Pakistan and Myanmar, edotco strives to deliver outstanding performance in telecommunications infrastructure services and solutions. edotco’s value-aded services are supported by state-of-the-art real time monitoring service, echo, which has improved field operations while maximizing operational efficiencies in terms of battery, energy and fuel consumption for telecoms infrastructure.

edotco Bangladesh was established in 2013 as a subsidiary of edotco Group with the objective to provide telecommunications infrastructure services to customers, and in our bid to be the one stop centre for telecommunication sites and bandwidth services in Bangladesh. With a footprint of over 7,800 sites nationwide, edotco Bangladesh product offerings include a complete range of site portfolios from Ground Based Towers, Rooftop Towers, In-Building Solutions (IBS), Cellular-On-Wheel (COW) and Custom Built sites. edotco Bangladesh is well placed with expertise to contribute towards carving the path to transform Dhaka into the Center of Innovation and Excellence, as part of the future towards Digital Bangladesh.

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