Our broad portfolio of 26,000 towers across our network of operations in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Pakistan and Myanmar combined with our tower sharing concept allows us to provide customers with a diverse array of innovative tower designs to meet your connectivity and business needs.

At edotco, we provide a suite of tower offerings:

Co-location & Built-to-Suit

Dedicated co-location resources and efficient co-location management, delivering direct benefits to customers through an established network in our countries of operation. Our built-to-suit is a customized solution that focuses on designing telecoms infrastructure facilities that are cost-effective and innovative to meet customers’ requirements.

Ground Based Towers

Comprising of conventional 3-legged and 4-legged conventional ground based towers (GBT). Our broad portfolio of over 7,000 ground based towers across Asia, combined with our tower sharing concept allows us to provide customers with a diverse array of innovative tower designs to suit the growing needs for optimization network for speed to market.


We formed partnerships with committed property owners to create greater opportunities for increased network coverage and capacity at managed rooftop sites across our network of operations. We support the interests of our customers to enhance network coverage in densely populated areas and locations through innovative rooftop tower solutions. We guarantee diversification and flexible installation design, and fastest deployment to enhance the competitive strength to meet the different requirements of operators.

In Building Solutions (IBS)

End-to-End solution with a special focus on system design, build and project management with best in class IBS products. It distributes cellular radio frequencies to a network of antennas within a building to provide an improved network coverage.

Special Structures

Ranging from monopoles, aesthetic monopoles and other pole-based structure, both fixed and movable. At edotco, we realize the high demand for telecoms infrastructure in densely populated areas will result in considerable environmental impact. At edotco, we offer a variety of interesting camouflage solutions from traditional tree structures to specific project installations that are adaptable to existing architecture to give the appearance of an unobtrusive setting; engineered to meet all the required reinforcement.

Cell-On-Wheels (COW)

Cell on Wheels is a portable base station, usually used to provide temporary wireless network capacity. COWs are typically used during special events where a larger number of people will converge on one area, or in disaster areas if the base station has been damaged. The COW vehicle will consist of a cellular tower and all the support equipment needed to provide mobile wireless communications. This is an alternative solution before the initial launch of new network.

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